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EWBANK BROOKE & ASSOCIATES, Naval Architects and Marine Consultants Custom Designers of Commercial and Pleasure Craft. Provider of naval architectural services to the Safe Ship Management system of New Zealand, including design approval, inclining tests and stability documentation, assignment of Load Lines, and Tonnage Measurement.



Commodore's Barge

We were engaged more than 20 years ago by the Constructors of HMNZ Naval Dockyard, Auckland, to assist in the design of this vessel. She is used to this day to ferry important personages, including Royalty, on Auckland's harbour.

Spirit of New Zealand

Commissioned in 1986, this steel barquentine is used primarily to help the young people of New Zealand develop their potential for team-work and leadership. See also the Spirit of Adventure website .

Government Motor Vessel "Hauturu"

Commissioned by the NZ Department of Conservation ("Doc") for work in the Hauraki Gulf Maritime Parks. She has 8 berths, but may carry up to 50 passengers, depending on the duration of the trip. Her hold capacity is 14cubic metres.

Pitcairn Island Longboat "Tin"

This aluminium longboat was added to the (then) existing fleet of locally built wooden boats at Pitcairn, the latter being substantially the same as the first longboat presented to the Pitcairners by Queen Victoria subsequent to reconciliation. The new longboat set the precedent for further longboats to be built away from the Island. She was designed in close consultation with such men as Purvis Young and Ben Christian.

Replica of HM Armed Transport "Bounty"

Built by Whangarei Engineering Company Ltd for the 1979 film "Mutiny on the Bounty", this full scale replica has a steel hull, and is a real sea-going ship. She has made several voyages within the Pacific, and was part of the "First Fleet Re-enactment" Voyage from England to Australia in 1988. Our structural design and arrangement. Rig by Spencer of the Isle of Wight.

Sailing School Vessel "Tole Mour"

Commissioned by the Marimed Foundation for Island Health Care Training, and launched in 1987 as the "Health Services Vessel Tole Mour", she was used for several years providing health services to people of the Marshal Islands. Fitted out with surgery, laboratory, pharmacy and other medical facilities, she attracted medical personnel as volunteer crew to carry out the health services, and to assist the regular crew with the operation of the ship. She is now operated by the Tole Mour Company as a Sailing School Vessel.


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